When is the store open?

We are open during these hours throughout the week. You can still send messages and emails to us outside these hours and we will get back to you as soon as we're able.

Mon:  11.00 - 14:00 / 17:00 - 20:00
Tue:   Closed
Wed:  Closed
Thu:  11.00 - 14:00 / 17:00 - 20:00
Fri:    11.00 - 14:00 / 17:00 - 20:00
Sat:   11.00 - 15:00
Sun:  Closed

Where is the store located?

We are located close to the heart of Poblenou, only a few blocks from Rambla del Pobleno near the corner of Lope de Vega and Ramon Turro.

Lope de Vega 41-43, tda 2

How can I get to the store?

Metro: A short five minute walk for Poblenou metro station on the L4.
Bus: There are plenty of bus options which stop nearby. H16, 27, 31, 136, 192, B20, and B25 all stop within a 5 minute walk of the store.
Car/Taxi: Being dropped off at the Ramon Turro & Lope de Vega intersection will put you on our doorstep.
Skating: Coming from the beach you can skate straight down the smooth surface of the Rambla and take a right at C/ del Joncar (home of El Tio Che - amazing Orxata and Ice Cream). You could also skate down the bike lane on C/ de Bilbao (confusingly named C/ del Litoral and C/ de la Jonquera before you reach Bilbao).

Do I need to make an appointment to visit the store?

We are more than happy for anyone to walk in off the street to look over what we have in stock or just have a chat about skates and skating. If you know that you are looking for something specific or a general idea of what you are looking for, you can contact us ahead of time. We'll then be able to do our best to ensure that when you visit, we have what you are looking for.


Available Products

What types of skates do you sell?

We tailor to a broad range of skating disciplines and carry gear for Recreational, Roller Dance, Skate Park, and Roller Derby. If you need some repairs or modification to your existing setup we have a lot of experience with all types of roller skating, including artistic and hockey. We also have a range of starter skates for anyone wanting to dip their toes into skating.

What other products do you sell?

We carry a wide variety of skating accessories to upgrade your existing setup's image and/or performance. Toe Stops, Wheels, Laces, and many more items can be found on our shelves.

For your safety gear needs we stock Helmets, Knee and Elbow Pads, and Wrist Guards in various sizes and styles.

We feel very fortunate to be able to promote two incredible local brands in store also. Create & Skate factory produces incredible skating prints, stickers, and keychains. Rola Lola is a local legend who creates spectacular high end skating fashion items. All of these products can be found in store.

Do you have everything in my size?

We do our best to have a range of sizes in as many products as possible. Unfortunately we are unable to stock every variation of every product in store. However, we are always happy to order products in if we don't have your size or variation in store. Wait times can vary depending on which supplier or manufacturer provides your desired product.

How do I know which skates to buy?

We can help you find an answer to that question. There are many different styles of skating and skates that are tailored to those disciplines. If you're unsure what you want or what is available we can chat with you in store on online and help you to understand better what your options are.


Sizing and Fit

What size skates should I get?

While we can use your shoe size as a starting point for finding the right skates for you, it is always best if you can try them on. Normally we want our skates to fit a little more snug than regular footwear. Each roller skate brand also has their own way of creating roller skates. This can not only mean being a different size from one brand to another, but can also dramatically change how the boot feels in specific parts of your feet - such as the ball of your foot, heel, toes and ankle.

Some brands provide sizing guides which allow you to make an educated idea of which size would work best for you. However, nothing compares to being able to come into the store and trying the boots for yourself.

What type or size protective gear should I get?

As with skates, protective gear comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Depending on which type of skating you love to do and your own skating style, the answer can vary. For sizing, protective gear comes in many different sizes and there is no substitute for trying them on. We're more than happy for to try protective gear on in store to work out which works best for you.

What plates should I get for my skates?

Different plates offer different benefits to skaters. Some are lighter, more responsive, more durable or more agile for example. We are happy to talk about the options that are available and help you find the right plate for your setup, size and skating style.

What wheels should I get?

As with all of your other skate equipment this depends on what your use is. Wheels come in a wide variety of sizes, hardnesses, and colours. There's a lot of information to take in, so if you want to talk wheels we're happy to share our knowledge. Generally speaking most wheels work on most skate setups, but there are definitely moments where wheels can make contact with other parts of your skate setup while rolling. This should obviously be avoided when picking your wheels.

Outdoor vs Indoor vs Park

Outdoor wheels tend to be softer to provide for a smoother feel when skating on rougher outdoor surfaces. Skating outdoor wheels inside can often feel like hard work. Indoor wheels on the other hand are generally harder to provide better responsiveness on indoor surfaces. Skating on indoor wheels can make for far more noticable vibrations in your feet while skating on the street. The smooth surfaces of some skate parks means that harder park wheels are designed to work best on a smooth outdoor surface.

Hard vs Soft

Wheels come in a wide range of hardnesses or "durometers" as they are referred to in the skate wheel world. These numbers are represented by a number usually come more or less in the range of 60A to 105A. The lower numbers refer to softer wheels, which are designed usually to provide for either a smoother ride or more grip in the case for indoor wheels. Higher numbers are harder wheels and are generally used for either grippier surfaces, for example indoors, or for smooth surfaces where mainntaining speed is important, such as in the skate park.

Tall or Short

There are also different variations in height for skate wheels. Generally speaking a shorter wheel will provide a more agile skating experience while a taller wheel will allow for an easier time maintaining a top speed.

Wide vs Narrow

Using a wider wheel can often provide for a greater sense of grounding or stability on your skates given the broader surface area contact with your skating surface. Narrower wheels can provide a more agile skating experience.

Hub Material

Skate wheel hubs can also vary dramatically from wheel to wheel. Wheel manufacturers create hubs which work best for the style of wheel they are trying to create. Many wheels have the bare minimum housing for bearings inside the wheel, such as many outdoor wheels. Most indoor wheels will have a larger hub and smaller wheel "tire". These hubs can come in a variety of materials. Generally speaking metal hubs provide for a more responsive wheel, but can add weight. Most hubs are made from a highly durable plastic compound.

Light Up Wheels

Whether or not you get light up wheels really depends on how fabulous you want to feel while skating!


Repairs, Upgrade, and Modifications

I want to change my plate, can you help me with that?

Absolutely. Our staff have many years of experience in building a wide variety of skate packages. We are able to perform plate mounting, plate removal or plate adjustments as needed.

There are special instances whereby this can be less straightforward, such as converting ice skates to roller skates or mounting a plate on a boot that has been re-mounted numerous times before. It is rare that the sole of any boot will maintain its integrity after 3 or more plate mounts due to the need to drill holes into the bottom of the boot.

Something has gone wrong with my skates, can you help?

Identifying and repairing a wide variety of skate problems is something we have a great deal of experience with. We do our best to keep replacement parts in store for the most popular brands of skates. If your skates are giving you cause for concern, bring them in and we'll take a look to let you know what we can do ease your worries.

Something has gone wrong with my protective gear, can you help?

Unfortunately we aren't permitted to provide a service whereby we repair safety equipment, nor provide advice on how to return damaged safety equipment to its original safety level. If it is a product you purchased from us, we can help by speaking with the manufacturer to work out what options you have available with regards to repair or replacement.

I want to choose each skate part individually, can I do this?

Absolutely! Being able to create the perfect setup for you is the best. We specialise in being able to attach any compatible skate components to any other ones. You can select a boot from one manufacturer, mount a different plate onto it, with different bearings, toe stops, trucks, slide blocks, and wheels.