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Bont 2.3" Grind Trucks

Bont 2.3" Grind Trucks

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Bont's Roller Skate Grind Trucks sound like an exciting addition to the skating world! With a 2.3" grinding surface, these trucks provide skaters with a substantial area for executing grinds while ensuring stability and control. This larger grinding surface can help reduce the chances of wheel clipping, allowing for smoother and more controlled slides.

Key Features:

  1. 2.3" Grinding Surface: Bont Grind Trucks feature a 2.3" grinding surface, allowing skaters to confidently lock on to coping, ledges, and rails, ensuring a solid and controlled grind experience.
  2. Unmatched Stability and Agility: Our grind trucks strike the perfect balance between stability and agility. While providing the necessary stability for grinds, these trucks won't hinder your ability to perform quick and agile movements on your roller skates.
  3. Minimized Wheel Clipping: One of the common frustrations for skaters is wheel clipping when you want to slide on your slide blocks. The 2.3" width minimizes wheel interference, ensuring smoother and uninterrupted slides.
  4. Easy Installation: We understand that convenience matters to our customers. That's why our grind trucks are designed for easy installation. You can effortlessly set them up on your roller skates and be ready to hit the grind in no time.

Compatibility: Bont Grind Trucks are designed to be compatible with the Bont Tracer and Prodigy plates, as well as other roller skates with a 20-degree kingpin angle. They are suitable for both experienced skaters and beginners looking to improve their grinding skills.

Note: If you are using a slide block with a thick bar, such as the Bont Block, you might need a shorter 10mm barrel cushion. In such cases, Bont includes a complimentary set of 10mm cushions with the purchase of the Bont Grind Trucks.

When it comes to roller skate grind trucks, Bont's offering stands out as the best choice. With a grinding surface of a balance between stability and agility, minimized wheel clipping when sliding, and easy installation, these trucks are a must-have for any serious skater.

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