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Bont Cushions - Ignite Plate

Bont Cushions - Ignite Plate

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Set of 4 barrels and 4 cones for the Ignite roller skate plate. These cushions will not fit any other plate.

  • Color: 95A Black

Plate cushions are made of urethane and they come in a variety of hardness. They are a component of a quad roller skate plate. The Bont Ignite quad plate is a great entry-level quad plate and is suitable for street skating or roller derby. It can be used indoors or outdoors, rink skating or roller derby. If you want to be able to turn more easily, choose the 78A cushions. If you feel that your current plate is turning too easily, choose the harder 95A cushions for your roller skate. 

The Bont ignite roller skate plate is perfect for kids, boys and girls but it can also be used by adults. These cushions are a replacement for the cushions that came with the don't Ignite roller skate plate and can not be used with any other roller skate plates. 

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