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Bont Zeus Carbon NTS Speed Plate

Bont Zeus Carbon NTS Speed Plate

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Bont pioneered the use of carbon fiber in the skating industry in 1989. Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger than aluminum and it is a great material for producing roller skate plates. The Zeus Carbon plate is Bont's first carbon fiber roller skate plate. 

The plate uses nanotech resin to not only lighten the plate but also make it more impact resistant, the Zeus Carbon Plate is the next generation in roller skate plate production. 

Carbon is an extremely strong material when it is curved. We designed the Supercell frame to be curved to produce an extremely rigid structure but at the same time, we tried to keep a familiar retro feel.


  • Action: 7 degrees
  • Plate Material: 100% carbon - Nanocell epoxy resin
  • Kingpin: Steel front, Aluminum rear
  • Cushions: Double barrel made with extremely high-end urethane
  • Hardness : Black 88A (Made in the USA)
  • Axles: 8mm quick release clip axles
  • Plate Lengths: 145mm, 155mm, 165mm, 175mm


The Bont Carbon Zeus plate is designed for speed skating only. It is not suitable for jumps or tricks. The front steel kingpin can be swapped out for an aluminum kingpin but we will not warranty the kingpin if it breaks when used in the front of the plate. If you are experienced in setting up your plates, you shouldn't have a problem with using an aluminum kingpin in the front of the plate. The presentation video shows 20-degree trucks as they were prototypes but actual trucks are 7-degrees. The video also shows black trucks and graphics on the plate which is a version that we will release at a later date.  

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