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If You Roller Skated the World

If You Roller Skated the World

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This illustrated rhyming children's book takes you on a trip around the world and beyond while introducing readers to Earth's creatures. Fun for all ages. Created by two roller skaters for someone just like you.

"Embark on an exhilarating journey around the world with a spirited roller skater and a delightful ensemble of companions! Readers will join our adventurous hero as they discover the thrill of roller skating & rhyming across continents and beyond.

Every turn of the page reveals a new rhyme & and destination. Readers will be transported to bustling cities, serene landscapes, and magical locales, each brimming with excitement and wonder.

“If Your Roller Skated the World” celebrates the joy of exploration and the magic of unexpected friendship. This book is a must for young readers, inspiring them to dream big, be active, and appreciate nature.

Join our adventure in this heartwarming and spirited tale that will leave children eagerly lacing up their own roller skates for their next grand adventure!"

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