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Brunny Hardcore

Brunny Hardcore Pro Blocks 3056

Brunny Hardcore Pro Blocks 3056

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" Ivey Pro Blaze Blocks "

@spicyivey Signature product in partnership with team skater Ivey!

" Hydra Pro Blocks "

@MeganShaffe Signature product in partnership with team skater Megan Shaffer!


These slide blocks are designed to take your skating to the next level, with a wide surface area that provides superior stability and control, smooth edges that prevent dreaded wheel bite, and a curvature that grips the coping like a constrictor.

The New Pro blocks comes with the New Royal groove giving you a whole new wide range of slides and tricks.


But that's not all - the Pro Blocks are made with our new Clear Formula of high-quality, durable materials that can withstand even the toughest tricks and terrain, ensuring that they'll be a reliable part of your skating setup for years to come.


These blocks are also specifically engineered to enhance your slides, stalls, and grinds, with the slickest material in the game that will have you sliding and grinding with the speed and agility of a snake on the hunt.


Plus, a portion of the sales from this sick new colorway will go to support Megan, who has been an integral part of developing the quad scene over the years.


**Limited stock**


Check out our infographic to see which size best fits your plate and roller skate set up.


Coming with :
- A mounting bar set
- Allen key
- Wrench key 8
- 4 nuts
- 4 bolts


SureGrip: Sunlite, Avanti, Rock
Chuffed: Stock plate
Moxie: Stock plate
Bont: Tracer
Chaya Kismet + Karma ( Need 10mm cushion )
Apollo: Crazy


We are pleased to say the Pro Blocks are compatible with 20degree plates, but you will need a bit of elbow grease to bend the end of the hanger to install it properly.


Please check plate compatibility before purchasing or skating your blocks. If the Pro Blocks are not right for your skates, we are not able to refund you if the blocks are not in their original condition.


Happy Shredding!!

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