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Chaya Ophira Plate

Chaya Ophira Plate

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Chaya Ophira Standard plates have a simple mission – to boost your performance to a new level. Arguably, the most remarkable feature is the Dual Center Mount (DCM) system. Our 2-point mounting system means you can mount your Chaya plate to your Chaya boot without using any power tools!  You can mount your plates yourself following a very simple process that absolutely anybody can do. Mount your plates in very few minutes to your Chaya boots by simply fixing two screws with the provided hand tool. DCM enables you to shift your plate forwards and backwards, and from side to side to compliment your preferred skating style. (However, Ophira plates are also compatible with any other derby boot.
The Chaya Cherry Bomb Stopper toe stop is positioned at an off set. This anatomically orientated position lets you stop faster, accelerate with more power and makes toe stop work a dream!  This along with our Power Toe System (PTS) which follows the natural shape of the boot offers superior power transfer as the boot and plate are more closely connected.
Aluminum casted trucks locked in by super strong cushion cups made of Delrin, won’t let you down . This lightweight 20° plate made of 6061 aircraft aluminum is equipped with high end Jelly Interlock PU-cushions which provide great control and maneuverability. Stay ahead of the competition with Chaya Ophira plates.

Material: 6061 Al, extruded & CNC machined with laser print

Mounting: Dual Center Mount (DCM)

Frame: 20°, Quick Relase Axle (QRA), forged

Cushions: Jelly Interlock PU - Cushions 84A

Toe Stop: Cherry Bomb, natrual rubber, long stem, flat head, off set

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