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Last Supper

Last Supper Holythane Conicals: (54MM/99A)

Last Supper Holythane Conicals: (54MM/99A)

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- 54MM

- 99 Duro

- Riding Surface: 20mm

- Now comes in our high end Holythane formula - Street performance urethane 

- Conical: Has a wider riding surface giving you more grip & speed control. These are perfect for skaters who love high impact jumps and/or skaters who love going from transition to the streets.

- Holy Grail Gold Core

- Stoneground Finish: Meaning your wheels arrive ready to hit those rough streets, our rough surface finish mimics the rough road and help give you less resistance.

- Flat Spot Resistant

-Best suited for 2.5 in trucks and under (narrow trucks)

- Sold in packs of 8, packs of 4, or single wheels. 

- Has a small diameter with a wider riding surface making it ideal for rough surfaces since it has better grip, will provide better control, helps maintain speed over rough terrains.

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