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Last Supper

Last Supper Holythane Lock-ins: (53MM/97A)

Last Supper Holythane Lock-ins: (53MM/97A)

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Isn't she pretty!? 🤤 After hearing y'all's request, we brought in a 53mm Holythane Lock-in to the group. These babies are waiting to get on your trucks and tear up the streetsss. LLFFGGGGG 🚧🫡

The lock-in shape provides stability and more truck space to lock into those grinds. 

Our popular softer durometer 97a, will help with those long skate days and absorbing shock. This hardness is great when coming back from injuries as your joints and bones will be happy during those tough impacts. Those cracks in the streets will be no issue, you'll just roll over them these baddies. 

Size: 53mm

Formula: Holythane, our high end street performance urethane.

Hardness (Duro): 97a

Riding surface: 21.6mm, a wide yet slim riding surface made for stability and agility.  

Lock-in shape: Flat on one side and rounded on the other side.

Best suited for: All around skaters who frequent the streets and the parks equally and don't want to be changing their wheels.

Fits 3in trucks and under. Best suited for 2.5 Trucks and under (narrow trucks).

Sold in packs of 4 wheels.

You will need 2 packs for roller-skates. (8 wheels) 

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